How to Choose a Keyboard in 10 Minutes

In Geekboards, you can choose a keyboard without spending a lot of time reading reviews, because we filter out low-quality keyboards. So if you like the visual aspect of your keyboard, that's a good reason to buy it.

But if you're still unsure about your choice, this article will show you that you don't need to understand everything — just go with what you like. And if you change your mind, you have two weeks to exchange or return your purchase.

By form factor

100% / Full-size keyboards

If you use the numpad, then your choice is a classic full-size keyboard. Explore keyboards in this size

80% / TKL keyboards

Still a classic, but without a numpad. Convenient if there's not much space on the desk. Plus, they're a bit cheaper than full-sized versions. Explore keyboards in this size

65-60% keyboards

These keyboards have all the functionality of full-sized versions, but some features are accessed via key combinations, such as F5 through Fn+5.
Keychron K6 ISO
Keychron K6
Explore keyboards in this size

By type

Looking for ergonomic design? Mistel is for you.

Mistel D600 V3 RGB
Mistel D600 V3 RGB
Mistel Barocco MD770 RGB BT
Mistel Barocco MD770 RGB BT

A little less exotic, but still unusual? Give Vortex and Tex a try.

Vortex Race III RGB
Vortex Race III RGB
Tex Shinobi MD770 RGB BT
Tex Shinobi

By purpose

The internet and marketing have made us believe that there are special keyboards for gaming, work, or home use.

The truth is, there are no distinctions, so you can work, play, or scroll through the Internet on any keyboard. It really doesn't matter what size, type, or switches it's got.

So, when choosing a keyboard for specific tasks, focus on your needs: for example, if you find it handy to press numbers on the numpad in a game, go for a full-size keyboard and don't worry about someone calling it an 'office' one, the main thing is that it's comfortable for you.

By switches

A switch is the little mechanism under the keycap that makes the keystroke happen. Different switches vary in tactile characteristics.

You can dive deep into comparisons if you wish, but for a newbie, the switch choice isn't that big of a deal — it's enough to decide on the type, and then you can pick any, because all switches of the same type will feel similar.

Linear switches

Линейные переключатели
Cherry MX Red
Linear switches will be appreciated by those who don't want drastic changes after using a membrane keyboard. They are suitable for any tasks and will help to gradually get used to the mechanics.
Тихие линейные переключатели
Cherry MX Silent Red
Quiet linear switches will be fine if super-silent sound is important. For instance, for night-time gaming marathons or working surrounded by easily irritated colleagues.

Clicky switches

Кликающие переключатели
Cherry MX Blue
Clicky switches are for those who do not care about the volume and want to feel the tactile bump of the mechanical switches.

Tactile switches

Тактильные переключатели
Cherry MX Brown
Tactile ones are suitable for those who want to feel the tactile bump, but without any extra noise.
Тяжелые переключатели
Cherry MX Black
Heavy switches are recommended for those who like distinct keystrokes with no chance of accidentally pressing the neighboring key.

By design

There's a chance that if a keyboard totally dazzles you with its looks, you might not even pay attention to the little things. That's why we believe it's super important for you to love the way your keyboard looks, like, 110%

Varmilo Beijing Opera V2 108
Varmilo Beijing Opera V2 108
Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus
Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus
Keychron K7 RGB
Keychron K7 RGB

And if none of the ready-made options appeal to you, you can customize your keyboard with a set of keycaps.

Parameters We Consider Not So Important

Bluetooth. It will be useful if you're against cables or often on the move. There are many options, almost in every brand.

Programmability. You can reassign keys and set up macros through programs like KeyTweak or AutoHotkey, so we advise not to get too hung up on this feature. But if you need full layer customization with the ability to switch, head to Vortex, Tex, or Kinesis.

Shine Through Keycaps. It's rarely well executed, thus limiting the choice. There are significantly more options with backlight around the keys, almost in every brand. But if you really need the shine through keycaps — Ducky, Durgod, and Keychron have it.

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